Making the Computer Work - Part One: Turning on Your Computer and Getting Started

Take a good look at your computer.

How do you turn it off and on?

How would you start a program that you wanted to use? Start up Microsoft Word.

The mouse helps you get to where you need to go. If you need to practice your mouse skills, click here!

Still looking for more mouse practice, try this site!

Making the Computer Work - Part Two: Saving and Printing Your Work

Most of the time you will want to save the projects you create on the computer. There are many ways to do this.

When using your computer at home, you can simply save your project to the "hard drive". If you are at the library, at school, at a friend's computer, or you want to take your project with you, you need to save it onto a disk.

There are many kinds of disks. Click here to see them.

To learn how to print a document click here.

Computer Language

Here are some basic computer definitions.

Software- Programs that run on a computer.
My mom bought us the new Microsoft Word software so that we can type our reports.

Modem- A device that connects your computer to other computers. It can connect your computer through a telephone line, cable line or DSL line.
The modem on our computer is broken, so we cannot connect to the internet.

Cyberspace- Another word for the Internet.
We clicked on Internet Explorer and went off into cyberspace.

Program- A series of computer instructions that tell the computer to perform certain tasks.
She wrote a program that taught her computer to say "hello" every morning.

Database- An organized collection of information.
We connected to the online databases from the Library's webpage to get information for our project.

Hardware- The parts of the computer that you can touch and see. Jane took the old computer apart and looked at the hardware inside.

Icon- A piction on the screen of the monitor that represents a program or file.
Click on the icon for Internet Explorer to surf the web.

Font- A size and style of computer type.
This font is called Trebuchet. This font is called Courier.

Memory-Storage space on chips on your computer.
I need more memory on my computer if I want to download more music.

Writing a Letter!

Go to the Desktop of the computer. Click on the Microsoft Office icon. It looks like the picture to the left. A blank word processing document will open up and you can can begin to write.

Playing a Game

Click on the American Girl logo to play games on the American Girl website.


You can create all kinds of documents using Microsoft Word. Go back to your Desktop; click on the Microsoft Office icon again.

Click here to download instructions for making a card or invitation using this program.

Talk Time

When computers are linked together, people can send messages to one another. This is often called "chatting".

Kids and teens need to always check with a parent before chatting online.

Click here to visit a website that will help your parents and you understand more about safe chatting online.