Computer Language

Here are some basic computer definitions.

Software- Programs that run on a computer.
My mom bought us the new Microsoft Word software so that we can type our reports.

Modem- A device that connects your computer to other computers. It can connect your computer through a telephone line, cable line or DSL line.
The modem on our computer is broken, so we cannot connect to the internet.

Cyberspace- Another word for the Internet.
We clicked on Internet Explorer and went off into cyberspace.

Program- A series of computer instructions that tell the computer to perform certain tasks.
She wrote a program that taught her computer to say "hello" every morning.

Database- An organized collection of information.
We connected to the online databases from the Library's webpage to get information for our project.

Hardware- The parts of the computer that you can touch and see. Jane took the old computer apart and looked at the hardware inside.

Icon- A piction on the screen of the monitor that represents a program or file.
Click on the icon for Internet Explorer to surf the web.

Font- A size and style of computer type.
This font is called Trebuchet. This font is called Courier.

Memory-Storage space on chips on your computer.
I need more memory on my computer if I want to download more music.